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Perhaps no other century in the history of the world so tragically highlights the destructive effects of man’s rebellion against God as does the 20th century. It is a history of conflicting ideologies and idolatries, of crisis and of killing on a horrific scale.

Yet the 20th century, like all history, is considered part of the study of God’s unfolding plan of salvation. Our confidence as Christians is that in the broad sweep of history God’s plan of redemption is being carried out. Students learn that they too can be an instrument in the healing of today’s world.

Areas of study include World War I, the inter-war period, World War II, the Cold War, the Middle East, and the rise and collapse of the USSR.

This course is designed to grow in your knowledge of the Bible, help you explore Biblically related themes, and come to a deeper understanding of God and his purposes for you.  You will be asked to explore some preliminary biblical knowledge, understand themes relating to proper biblical interpretation, research the Book of Acts, and research the 400 Silent Years.  You will do this in different ways, including readings, research, assignments, and interactive forums.

Art is communication. It is a means by which we indicate how we relate to God the Creator, to all of His Creation, to others, and to ourselves.


Artistic expression intends to entertain questions of meaning and values. We are challenged to consider these questions within the context of a Christian worldview and our response to God. Art techniques and processes are tools which we use to reflect on the reality of our lives.

  • The Visual Arts program aims to help students develop their visual literacy. Visual literacy is the ability to perceive and respond with visual means and to create and communicate through visual means.
  • The learning objectives concentrate on image development and design strategies, as well as good understanding and application of the elements and principles of art and design.